Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Swedish Relaxation Massage    -  $90/1hr  $125/1½hrs
·      Full body Swedish massage
·      Decrease tension and stress
·      Light to medium pressure
·      Long flowing strokes
Swedish Relaxation Massage is good for general tension release and wellness maintenance, and also decreases anxiety.

Deep Tissue Massage             -  $90/1hr  $125/1½hrs
·      Full body treatment
·      Medium to deep pressure
·      Techniques used effectively release both specific discomfort and general tension. 
·      Combination of focused work and integrative intent
Deep Tissue Massage decreases both chronic and acute tension. This includes situations such as persistent lower back pain as well as ones like a stiff neck from sleeping badly.

Orthopedic Massage  -   $90/1hr  $125/1½hrs 
·      Site specific injury work
·      Focused techniques to resolve soft tissue dysfunction and decrease acute and chronic pain
·      Medium to deep pressure
Orthopedic Massage is effective for treating specific conditions like plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sciatica, migraines, shin splints, some cases of carpal tunnel, sprains and strains, as well as more general back and neck pain.

Structural Balancing  -   $125/1½hrs
·      Local and regional techniques focused on correcting postural deviations and returning the client to neutral posture
·      Decreases stress on musculoskeletal structures as a result of greater balance of tensional forces
·      Increases range of motion available at joints
·      Decreases wear and tear and likelihood of injury
·      Medium to deep pressure
This type of session is useful for treating conditions like scoliosis, hyperextended knees, flat feet, and slouched and rounded shoulders. These can be the root cause of injuries and discomfort and if left unresolved, increasing the likelihood of future injury.

On site Chair Massage
·      Great for events and office settings
·      15 minutes sessions focused on releasing tension in the back, neck and shoulders
·      Please contact for rates and availability